Skin Rashes Cleared

Skin Rashes Cleared

I’ve been diagnosed with Celiac Disease for over 5 years now. I’ve had rashes for nearly a decade not knowing beforehand that was causing it. I saw dermatologist’s, specialists, etc and nothing helped the rash. Even after eating gluten free for years, trying countless steroid cream, essential oils, etc and nothing got rid of it.

Well, my wife just cut my hair and noticed actually absolutely no rashes on my scalp. She’s a hair dresser and since we’ve been together I’ve had rashes on my head. I than looked down on my legs were it was always the worst and to my surprise I have no more rashes. I am not putting anything on the rashes at all, no lotion or anything at all. Simply just ingesting the Cbd oil. Wow, I honestly can’t believe it myself.

This oil continues to get better and better. I can only imagine what else it’s doing inside my body. Now that I think about it, I don’t feel bloated like I always use to feel.

I love this product!

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