Asthma, No More Inhalers!

Asthma, No More Inhalers!

report of first full day of my soon to be hubs taking hempworx i ordered for him:

some background, he has extreme asthma (almost killed him twice) and goes through inhalers like crazy, extremely allergic to dust and too much contact with cat hair. every night for the last week or 2 his chest has hurt from the effort to get air in and he’s been drinking benedryl almost every day. he often has to take a shower several times a day from getting itchy. normally when he wakes up he has to sit there and cough a while and use the inhaler…but not today.

i was skeptical but hopeful…but holy crap, it’s 3pm and he has been up to his eyeballs in dust and cat hair…and hasn’t used his inhaler once today nor had an itch or sneeze.

9:30pm – he spent the day vacuuming, dusting, hanging pictures, playing with 3 cats, cleaning up mounds of cat hair that had collected under and on furniture, still didn’t need his inhaler or start sneezing.

day 2 (today):
i think we’re both dumbfounded at this point to go from life-threatening breathing issues almost daily to not even needing his inhaler or having any allergies at all within a span of 2 days. In all the years i’ve known him, I’ve never seen him not need his inhaler at all for more than one day, and certainly not when being elbows deep in dust and cat hair. He doesn’t have insurance, so he buys inhalers off of people on craigslist at 30-40 bucks a pop, sometimes the only ones available when he runs completely out are 1.5 hours away and he drives 3 hours to go get them because it’s a #1 priority that he has it with him at all times.

He’s actually been in a coma for 3 weeks about 11 years ago after they sprayed the city with West Nile Virus insecticide. He almost died again from his lungs shutting down on him about 3 years ago too from the same spraying. Every time there is a fire, he is on the verge of that happening again.

His breathing issues are super severe and extreme. This is not just regular run of the mill asthma/allergies we’re talking about. It’s a constant worry and consideration that hinders his life greatly…it’s not even adviseable for him to live in certain cities around here because the air quality at different elevations/valley vs hilltop, there a lot that he avoids doing because there will be contact with any amount of dust, and any time there are wildfires that change the air quality, it can make him useless for a week straight in bed just trying to sleep through it as much as possible because that’s about the only thing that will regulate his breathing when the inhaler doesn’t even help…. so, if this stuff continues to work even half as well as it has for the last 2 days…that’s already worth it.

(Update after 2 months of sharing testimony)

i sorta lost count of how long it’s been but it seems like about 2 months and counting now. he’s even forgotten to bring his inhaler out with him on a few occasions (unheard of before)… it’s amazing

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