This is absolutely amazing! My grandmother has suffered from Glaucoma among many other issues but her Glaucoma is the worst at this point, she was getting shots around her eyes just to help her to keep them opened. She can’t deal with any kind of lights and has to even wear sunglasses inside her house during the day. She basically has to constantly blink barely opening her eyes above a small squint. Last night she used 5 drops before bed, woke up and used 5 more…She called me 5 hours after she woke up, in tears because her eyes are open and not hurting her! She was so happy and crying on the phone I asked her about her pain level and she said “The hell with my pain Juls I CAN OPEN MY EYES!” This made me a believer Thank you Nikki Mayor and Hempworx

Update : she’s also diabetic and went to her Dr Monday after fasting her sugar was 106 where my pops (also diabetic and isn’t taking the cbd) was 170! She also had no anxiety about going down her front steps which she’s usually crying about having to leave the house because of the stairs!!

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