African Countries – Alternative Means to Make Payments

African Countries – Alternative Means to Make Payments

Because My Daily Choice understands that most African countries do not have credit cards and cannot make online payments, they have an option for you to make a payment using bitcoin.  Some countries like Zimbabwe and Nigeria can use a visa card issued at the bank and pre-fund it in US$ (See below for more information)


Understanding how to use bitcoin is important because you also have the option of receiving your payments from My Daily Choice in bitcoin. Buying bitcoin is safe and easy using, which is available in all countries. It is the easiest and safest platform to buy and sell your bitcoin. If Remitano is not available in your country please search to find out which bitcoin exchangers are available in your country. For Zimbabwe, if you have money in your local bank account, or in EcoCash, one of the best options will be to use the exchange. Transfer your funds there, set the amount you want to buy and at what rate, and wait for it to be fulfilled. If you can’t wait, then just buy at the lowest sale price there and you’re done. (See below to find out how to use bitcoin).



  • First Bank has introduced a new bank card called the gold visa card. If you have an account at First Bank, no need to bring any documents, simply apply for the card, fund it with at least $100 and it will take one week to be issued to you. When it is issued to you, you can fund it with upto $10 000, and are free to make online payments.


  • Ecobank
    They offer a card that needs to be pre-funded with US dollars. According to this post, the card has a maximum of $500 per pre-load but has the advantage of a transaction charge of $1 per transaction.
  • FBC
    They offer a prepaid card that needs to be pre-funded with US dollars. They were one of the first to go this route late last year.


  1. If you are using Remitano to buy and sell, you can keep your bitcoin in their wallet. Or open a bitcoin account at or at a local bitcoin exchanger in your country eg Luno for South Africa and Nigeria.
  2.    If using, keep your blockchain wallet ID it is what you will use to login. It will be emailed to you too. NEVER lose your password because blockchain doesn’t store passwords. (Please note you can only store your bitcoin at, you cannot buy or sell there because they are not exchangers.) Once you open your account, retrieve your bitcoin address by clicking RECEIVE or DEPOSIT (depending on your exchanger.) You will see a bitcoin address appear. Store this address. This is the address you will give to people who want to send you bitcoin. This bitcoin address will always change in your account, but you can use the same address to receive bitcoin regularly.
  3. Send your bitcoin exchanger money, eg Luno, Golix. Eg if you want bitcoin worth $100, send your exchanger local currency worth $110 (to cover transfer charges). Then click BUY. Enter US$ amount (or local currency equivalent) and make purchase.
  4. If using Remitano, choose a person to buy bitcoin from. Remitano is safe to use because those selling bitcoin must deposit it into Remitano’s account to ensure no fraud takes place. Remitano holds the bitcoin for you, and when you transfer the money into that person’s account, wait for them to confirm they have received the money, and Remitano will fund your bitcoin address with bitcoin.

If you need help with your bitcoin payments, click here to get out contact details.