Hempworx Compensation Plan

Cannabis Industry

The Cannabis industry is projected to be at 50 billion by 2026. There are over 23,000 studies that show the benefits of medical cannabis for a variety of diseases and health conditions. It’s backed by an enormous body of scientific research, enthusiastic public opinion, and more progressive cannabis laws, which is giving cannabis the reputation it deserves as a groundbreaking health solution.

The compensation plan was put together by the CEO, Mr Josh Zwagil, who has been a top earner in the network marketing industry for years. As such, it is one of the best compensation plans in the industry, which allows you to start earning a monthly income even from a single sign up. The compensation plan is outlined below in great detail, but also watch this video for a broader understanding.

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Affiliate Rewards Program

MyDailyChoice provides revolutionary online marketing systems and state-of-the art success tools to give our Affiliates every opportunity to succeed in the business. We recognize the hard work of our Affiliates in this business and reward those efforts by paying up to 85% of the total Business Volume (BV) through our unique Affiliate Rewards Program.

The MyDailyChoice plan is a global plan allowing you to earn income in every market around the world where we are open for business. At MyDailyChoice, we pay up to 85% of Business Volume (BV) because we are 100% committed to your success. Combining our unique and exclusive product line with our aggressive lucrative Affiliate Rewards Program, you can live the life of your dreams much easier than before.

Our Rank Bonuses, VIP Auto Club, and Elite Expense Accounts take recognition to a whole new level. Earn the rewards that best suit your needs and desires. Whether you are looking to make a little extra money working part-time, or you are looking for full-time income traveling the world and living the lifestyle of your dreams, we have one of the best compensation plans in the industry to help you achieve your financial goals! 

“At MyDailychoice, success is a choice.

And the choice is yours!” 


Table of Contents 

  1. Join Options
  2. Preferred and Retail Customers
  3. Jump Start Bonuses
  4. Binary Team Commissions
  5. Leadership Check Match
  6. Global Bonus Pool
  7. Rank Incentives and Bonuses
  8. VIP Auto Club
  9. Elite Expense Accounts
  10. Rank Requirements


1. Join Options 

When joining MyDailyChoice, there are many affordable options that give you a lot of value and a turn-key business as soon as you enroll. Select your product package below and enjoy our life-changing products!  There’s 3 products, sprays, hempworx CBD Oil and Brain bears. And for each product, there’s 3 levels which give you different earning potential. Builder rank, director rank and executive rank. 

Note: There is a one-time $20 activation fee for the website and backoffice. No annual fees.
Maintaining your Executive Rank: You must purchase any of our Director Packs or have a minimum of 90BV each month.
Selling MDC products: No matter which product line you purchase, you can still promote ALL MDC products.

2. Retail Customer Commissions

(1st way to earn)

Paid Weekly

As an Affiliate or Preferred Customer of My Daily Choice, you get the privilege of purchasing all of our industry-leading products at wholesale member pricing, which is up to 25% off of our suggested retail price.

So when you retail a product pack, you will earn the difference between the wholesale member price and the retail price. 

You can enroll your customers as a Retail Customer through your Retail Website. When they enroll on your site, they can place an order, have it shipped directly to them, and we pay YOU a commission for that sale! Not only that, the resulting BV from the purchase can be used toward you being either Active or maxing-out the Affiliate Rewards Program.

Preferred Customer Loyalty Program – You can enroll Preferred Customers which are customers who are purchasing the MDC products monthly at the Wholesale or Affiliate pricing. If you enroll Preferred Customers, their BV goes into the Jump Start where you will earn Jump Start Bonuses.

Note: To qualify for retail commissions, you must purchase any of our Builder Packs or have a minimum of 40BV each month.

3. Jump Start Bonuses

(2nd way to earn)

Paid weekly

With up to 10 levels of Jump Start Bonuses and a potential payout of up to 85% of Business Volume (BV), the MyDailyChoice Jump Start Bonuses can help you generate a lot of front end income while you build up your back end residual income. In order to be qualified for Jump Start Bonuses, you must purchase a Builder Pack or have a minimum of 40BV each month.

Each Level compresses to find the next person qualifed to receive Jump Start Bonuses creating a very dynamic up-front income source for those who are ready to build.


Here is an example of what the Jump Start Bonuses look like for each Hempworx

Package at the EXECUTIVE Rank or above:


Executive rank: Upto level 4

5k rank: Upto level 5

10k rank: Upto level 6

25k rank: Upto level 7

50k rank: Upto level 7

100k rank: Upto level 8

250k rank: Upto level 8

500k rank: Upto level 9

Super affiliate rank: Upto level 10

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4. Binary Team Commissions

(3rd way to earn)

Paid monthly

The MDC Binary is one of the most aggressive Binary plans in the entire Network Marketing industry. Not only does our comp plan pay up to 20% on your pay leg, but we are one of the only companies in the world that has a monthly earning potential of

$1,000,000 per month with NO FLUSHING!

We look at your strong leg volume and your pay leg volume and we pay you a percentage on your pay leg. Once that is paid out, unused volume is carried over to the following month.

To qualify for Binary Team Commissions, you must  have  a  minimum of 40BV in personal volume, 90BV personally enrolled on your left leg, 90BV personally enrolled on your right leg, and a minimum of 300BV in your pay leg. At the end of the month, we look at your lesser leg and pay you a Binary Team Commission.

If you do not have 300BV in your pay leg, your volume will rollover to the following month. Binary Team Commissions and other monthly commissions are paid monthly on the first Friday after the week in which the monthly period ends. See charts below:

Qualifying For Binary Checks 

Note: All first month order BV counts towards Jump Start Bonuses, and second month orders or Autoship BV count towards Binary Commissions. To maximize the compensation plan, you should purchase a Director Pack or have a minimum of 90BV each month.


Example Commission


5. Leadership Check Matching

(4th way to earn)


You can earn check matching bonuses from a single sign up. That means if you sign up only one person who ends up earning monthly BV commissions of $100,000, you earn upto 30% of this amount at executive rank or higher. And if that affiliate signs someone up, you go on to earn 20% of their monthly earnings and this goes on to the 10th generation, according to your rank status. How exciting is that! Our leadership matching bonuses are what truly separates this compensation plan from any other in the industry. With the larger Binary Team Commission capabilities of the MyDailyChoice Affiliate Rewards Program, the leadership check match grows much faster. You can earn up to 10 levels of matching bonuses on your organization. As your affiliates commissions grow, your Leadership Check Matching bonuses grow.

The MyDailyChoice Leadership Check Match Program has been maximized using compression to ensure that the pay goes to the leaders who are building. This makes the Leadership Check Matching program one the best ways to generate a long term wealth with MyDailyChoice!


6. Global Bonus Pool

(5th way to earn)

Paid monthly

Welcome to our 2% Global Bonus Pool program where you can earn a piece of total company revenue globally! We set aside 2% of our total company revenue each month and pay it to those who qualify in our global bonus pool program. This lets you recruit new affiliates, customers, and rank advance in the company earning you shares in the global bonus pool!

At the end of each month, we take 2% of total revenue divided by the number of shares to determine the share value.

There is no limit to the number of shares you can earn. For example, if you sponsored 8 new Preferred Customers or Affiliates, you would earn 2 shares. If you started your business in January and rank advanced to 10K affiliate before February 1st, you will earn 4 shares for the month of January.

Note: A new rank advancement constitutes as rank advancing to at least 5K affiliate, and achieving a rank that you have never achieved before. You must also purchase a Builder Pack or have a minimum of 40BV each month to qualify for the Global Bonus Pool.

7. Rank Incentives & Bonuses

(6th way to earn)

Paid Once Off

We’ve put together the most unique rewards program that the Network Marketing industry has ever seen. Not only do we have one of the highest paying compensation plans in the industry, but we reward and recognize our affiliates for their hardwork and success!

Here are the requirements for being eligible for Rank Incentives and Bonuses:

  •  You must maintain a minimum of 90BV
  • You must maintain your rank for Three Consecutive Months 
Note: In order to achieve rank in MDC, no more than 50% of the BV can count from any one single leg in your Enrollment Tree. In addition, you must have 3 personally enrolled affiliates who have a minimum of 90BV.


8. VIP Auto Club

(7th way to earn)

Paid Monthly

At MyDailyChoice, we’ve put together an aggressive VIP Auto Club to let our affiliates drive away in the car of their dreams! Do you have your heart set on a dream car?

Look no further – the MDC VIP Auto Club will make your dream car become a reality! When you qualify for the VIP Auto Club, we send you branding materials to put on your vehicle, and we pay the bill!

Here are the requirements for the VIP Auto Club:  

  • You must maintain a minimum of 90BV
  • You must have already achieved your one-time rank incentive and/or bonus for each particular rank
  • You must submit proof of your car lease along with a picture of the MDC branding on your vehicle
  • If you don’t need a car, you can accept it as cash
  • You must maintain your rank each month to earn the bonus

Note: The VIP Auto Club goes into effect in on your 4th month of maintaining a rank. For example, if you hit 5K affiliate in January, February, and March, you would earn your one time rank bonus. In April, your VIP Autoclub Bonus would start.

9. Elite Expense Accounts

(8th way to earn)

Paid Monthly

Building a successful Network Marketing business is built around traveling the world, hosting events, and investing your own money. We’ve put together an Elite Expense Account program to help you expand your business without going out of pocket. Use this money to fund your business, or keep it as your own personal income.

Here are the requirements to qualify for an Elite Expense Account:

 You must maintain a minimum of 90BV

  • You must have already achieved your one-time rank incentive and/or bonus for each particular rank
  • You must maintain your rank each month to earn your bonus

10. Rank Requirements 


To achieve a rank in MyDailyChoice, no more than 50% of your Total Enrollment Tree volume can count from any single enrollment tree leg. For example, to achieve 5K affiliate, no more than 2,500BV can count from one enrollment tree leg. Each time you personally enroll an affiliate, it opens up a new enrollment tree leg and there is no limit to the number of enrollment tree legs you can have. 

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